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  • Electron Microscopy Consumables
  • Equipos profesionales de Analisis de Textura de alimentos, productos farmaceuticos, cosmeticos y adhesivos
  • Flujometros, fluómetros, controladores y medidores de flujo masico
  • Dinamometros y Torquimetros manuales y motorizados
  • Equipos de preparacion de muestras de microscopia electronica TEM y SEM
  • Modificacion de propiedades de superficie por plasma en baja presion y plasma atmosférico

    We are the leader supplier of electron microscopy consumable for TEM, SEM and FSEM at the best price and in the shortest time possible. Let us join you in work work with the micro. No one can match our offering and years of experience

    Microscopy Consumable

    The most complete range of texture analyzers and texturometers of the market.

    Texture Analysis


    The most comprehensive range of professional equipments to measure and control flow

    Flow Measure

    High quality equipment for force and torque measure designed to work as stand alone units or combined with manual and motorized test stands.

    Force and Torque Measure

    We're the leader company in equipment and systems for the eletron microscopy sample preparation.

    Electron Microscopy

    We're specialized in low pressure and atmospheric plasma. Our portfolio offers a world's unique combination of laboratory and production systems. 

    Plasma Systems

"In 1989 we began to change the world of Scientific instrumentation in Spain.
There's still a lot to do  ... "

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world."

Albert Einstein

High specialization

We work with techniques that require a high degree of specialization. Our job is to pass on our knowledge to make our solutions your solutions

The best quality

Our Instrumentation exceeds the average specifications that can be found in other alternatives on the market. Nobody gathers solutions like ours

100% European capital

ANAME is a company founded with 100% spanish capital based in Madrid and clients in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Mexico ...

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Where we are


Our main office is located in Quijorna, near Madrid, where our laboratory is also installed and share facilities with the Service Engineers department.

c/ La Rioja, 1-A
28693 Quijorna



902 010 312
+34918 168 950
+34918 168 594
Monday to Thursday
8:30 17:30
8:00 15:00

Our Brands

  • EMS Consumibles para microscopia electronica
  • Mark-10 España: dinamometros, torquimetros, soportes de ensayo motorizados, equipos de medida de fuerza para ergonomia, medicion de puertas
  • Aalborg España: medidores de flujo y caudal, rotametros, fluometros de bola, medidores y controladores de flujo masico, bombas peristalticas, medidores de caudal de turbina, fluometros vortex
  • Quorum Technologies, equipos de preparacion de muestras de microscopia electronica: evaporadores, sputtering, puntos criticos, liofilizadores, freeze dryers, criomicroscopiag
  • Guss España Fruit Texture Analyzer
  • Stable Micro Systems analisis de textura y medición instrumental de volumen
  • Well, Cortadoras de hilo de diamante
  • Fichione Instruments España. equipos de preparacion de muestras para microscopia electronica de transmision
  • Nanomegas España: herramientas para difracción electrónica

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